Spirit Captured

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Spirit captured
Patrick Belanger
Event type

This event triggers when you catch a elemental spirit during combat. Catching a spirit is done automatically while moving adjacent to it. This can be done mid movement or when ending your turn; however, if you move adjacent to the spirit mid-movement, the movement will end there. A spirit can be caught from all eight tiles next to it.


1. Enchant Main Weapon with the element of the spirit captured

2. Enchant Secondary Weapon with the element of the spirit captured

3. Gain +1 Legacy Point


  • When you capture a spirit, they will enchant one of the hero's weapons in exchange for letting them go.
  • Enchanting an existing elemental or Artifact weapon overwrites the current bonus with the new elemental one.
  • The spirit will vanish in four turns and run away from your party, ignoring obstacles like doors while doing so.
  • Catching a spirit does not break Grayplane.
  • If you complete all objectives of the mission while the spirit hasn't been caught or hasn't vanished yet, you still get the opportunity to catch the spirit before it vanishes and the mission completes.
  • Enchanting a weapon replaces that weapon with a weapon of the same type and tier with the enchantment; except for Tier 0 weapons which get upgraded to a Tier 1 weapon of the same type.