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Battledance is a passive Warrior ability.

In-Game Description

(Passive) Melee attacks only cost Hero one action.


After hitting with a non-swift melee attack, if Hero still has actions left, they can move up to half their speed as a free action.


  • When the hero hits with a regular melee attack, they gain an free action called Whirl which gives the free movement
  • Whirl never triggers off UI DiamondFeather.png swift action moves like Shieldshear, even if you have used more than one this turn and are spending an action point for it


  • Battledance combines well with Zealous Leap or Windwalk, which allow movement with a swift action, leaving two regular actions for attacks.
  • Can be occasionally useful to attack and then retreat or activate Guardian.
  • Consider Sting as an alternative to Battledance, since it natively consumes a single action without ending turn. The warrior can then use their normal melee attack as their second action.
  • Battledance+ can be valuable to reposition between attacks, particularly for warriors with Broadswipes who are likely to kill every target in reach. However, the required ability investment is severe, particularly for Scorpioid warriors who do not need Battledance.