Zealous Leap

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Zealous Leap is an active Warrior ability.

In-Game Description

(Active) Every other turn, as a UI DiamondFeather.png swift action, Hero makes a daring leap up to x spaces away.


Cooldown reduced from once every other turn to once per turn. Clears pin on use.


  • UI DiamondFeather.png swift action, range 3 + ½Potency.
  • Leap over enemies and scenery, but not through walls.


Combo with Battledance, allowing the warrior to move with a swift action and save their action points for attacks.

Often allows leaping behind an enemy to gain flanking.

Tends to synergize with Broadswipes, as both abilities are greatly improved by Potency.

Relying on Zealous Leap for movement will tend to conflict with other abilities that need your swift action, like Engage.