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The Deepist Faction, a cult in the midst of civilization.

General Information

Deepist are a group of morphed people that function similar to a cult. They appear harmless at first but there have been events of Deepists members raiding villages and towns. The members are recruited humans and aren't forced to participate. Priestesses, special members that possess high charisma and intelligence are responsible for recruiting new members into their cult. New members aren't immediately transformed into Deepists, instead they're made to learn and complete tests before they're worthy, with special tattoos to show for it, the Mark of the Horn. It is unknown how the transformation works but the end result is a bluish skin and in most cases loss of intelligence. Deepists have a deep connection with the underground. The purpose is unknown, it might be related to their bull god or their beliefs. One ritual of theirs results in spawning the Horn Child, completely made of stone but sentient. A key feature of high ranking members is their immortality. It is unknown how it works exactly but it seems likely they siphon the energy from lower ranked members to strengthen their own. The source of the Deepists has been better explored in the Monarchs Under the Mountain campaign which helped shed some light on their inner workings. Deepists aren't exactly dangerous to humans, with only some cases of Deepists raiding villages for unknown reasons. There have been multiple accounts of Deepists peacefully interacting with humans and even helping them. Unless you've personally seen them attacking villages you might even be inclined to join the local Deepists in your own village. -Green Riding Hood

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List of Units

Image Name Description Monster Threat
The Woken A Deepist focused on melee combat. 8
Woken Slinger A Deepist focused on ranged combat. 12
Horn Child An artificial stone creature. 5
Murk Mother A wise woman capable to summon the Horn Children. 18
Father Fungus A Deepist wizard, possesses uncanny affinity with mushrooms. 20
The Chosen Champion of the Deepists. 20
Mushrox A beast of stone and fungus. 25
The Chastised A cursed Deepist fused with stone. 30
The Faithful A paladin that protects followers of the Deepists with shield and faith. 30
Shadow Hunter A powerful berserker that resembles a bull. 30
Image Name Description
Prophet of the Maze The Prophet responsible for rituals and human sacrifices.
Deepmonarch The Deepist Monarch.
Monarch of the Mantle The Deepist Queen that guards the shadowflame.

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