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Generic Campaigns are replayable alternatives to the five story campaigns in the game. They do not follow a set story but are instead a randomized set of chapters with a random Keystone events for each game. These campaigns come in three and five chapter variants, as well as legacy or non-legacy variants.


  • Chapter 1:
    • Starts with a plot-related "omen[1]" Mission that brings the Company together.
    • Always uses a "clear all hostile sites" chapter objective
    • Ends with a plot-related "capstone" mission. Events may correspond to the first mission.
  • Middle chapters consist of the following pieces. All events and omens use the same title:
    • A plot-related Omen that reunites the company
    • Most chapters will include a "keystone" mission that must be beaten before proceeding to the final mission. (Timed or clear all site objectives also exist, e.g. The Ancient Wall).
    • A "capstone" mission that ends the chapter.
  • End chapters use the same keystone/capstone missions mechanic as middle chapters, however they roll from a different set of events with a more emphatic finish.

Generic and enemy-specific events exist. As with most story campaigns[2], the main enemies will remain constant once selected, e.g. it's not possible to experience the Deepist-specific event Old Blood and Morthagi-specific event The Brain in the same campaign.

Chapter 1 Events

Middle Chapter Events

End Chapter Events


  1. while marked as an Omen in event title, these events mechanically use the Plot Event type
  2. save for The Sunswallower's Wake