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Campaigns are separated between 3-chapter campaigns and 5-chapter campaigns with Keystone events posing as boss fights.

Story Campaigns

Story Campaigns are events designed by the developers to follow a set story.

Story Campaign Events, a list of story events in order.

NewCampaign ulstryx.png

Age of Ulstryx is a three-chapter campaign that serves as the tutorial/introduction to Wildermyth.

NewCampaign cvawn.png

All the Bones of Summer is a five-chapter campaign with the Drauven as the main enemies.

NewCampaign eluna.png

Eluna and the Moth is a five-chapter campaign with the Thrixl as the main enemies.

NewCampaign enduring.png

The Enduring War is a five-chapter campaign with the Morthagi as the main enemies, with the story of 1000 years ago woven into the present narrative.

NewCampaign monarchs.png

Monarchs Under the Mountain is a five-chapter campaign with the Deepists as the main enemies.

NewCampaign vultureLord.png

The Sunswallower's Wake is a three-chapter campaign with different main enemies.

Generic Campaigns

Generic Campaigns don't follow a set story but instead a randomized set of chapters with a random Keystone events for each game. The player has the choice between 3 and 5-chapter campaigns or starting them with legacy heroes. If someone chooses the multiplayer option then they'll be able to start campaigns with 5 heroes without being forced to play online.

Online Play

Players can play campaigns online. Online play isn't limited to the Multiplayer option. All campaigns are available to Online play. In Online play the players share the available heroes, with the option to lock in heroes to players.