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Indignance is a passive Mystic ability.

In-Game Description

 (Passive) Hero's presence is charged against her foes, dealing x true damage to hostile creatures who enter adjacency with her for any reason.


 Base damage and range increased by 1.


A hero with Indignance emits an aura around themselves that deals damage ignoring armor to every adjacent enemy, including diagonals.

Damage = 1 + Potency/3

  • The aura damages enemies the hero moves near and also enemies that move adjacent to the hero.
  • The damage is only dealt once for each adjacent encounter (even if this monster takes up multiple squares). However, if a hero becomes adjacent to an enemy, moves out of adjacency, and then somehow moves adjacent again on the same turn, the damage will be dealt twice.
  • The damage is done immediately when the hero enters adjacency. Passing through is enough; it is not necessary to stop.
  • The damage is not an attack and does not set up flanking.
  • Triggering Indignance does break grayplane.

Upgraded Indignance (range 2) is blocked by permanent walls.


  • Useful for killing low-health but heavily armored enemies like Horn Children.
  • If the mystic runs past an foe so that that foe is no longer inside the Indignance area, it is possible to hit the same foe again with another move. With Compulsion+ the foe can be hit a third time.