Morthagi Faction

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The Morthagi Faction, machines that outlived the Morthificers.

General Information

Morthagi are sentient machines made out of body parts and metal. They treat their own fuel source as blood or nourishment(Morthagi Acid). Morthagi limbs can be surgically applied to human bodies in the form of Mortificial Enhancements. They get their names from their creators, the Mortificers. A fallen civilization that treated morthagis as everyday appliances. Morthagis come in all shapes and sizes, made to fulfill specific purposes. These purposes can range from transportation, cooking, cleaning or combat. The most recent event involving Morthagis is The Enduring War. Due to recent history with the Morthagi and their lethality, they're to be avoided or eliminated at all costs if one comes across an active Morthagi. -Green Riding Hood

For more in-depth information please refer to: Morthagi lore, Matron, Morthagi Acid

Campaign related to Morthagi: The Enduring War

Transformation related to Morthagi: Mortificial Enhancements

List of Units

Image Name Description Monster Threat
Spectik Small crawlers that serve as scavengers. 7
Sommelier A pump, filled with acid. Made delicate and sophisticated. 10
Watchman Equipped with multiple skulls as eyes and crossbows as weapons. 15
Weldling An oven on legs. It gallops wildly like a panicked beast. 15
Wardrobe A wardrobe. It snaps and echoes as it assembles metal to form Morthagis. 15
Batchby A large Morthagi meant to move heavy objects. It carries a deadly claw. 22
Butler A larger specimen, efficient, elegant and ill-meaning. 25
Coachman A large spider on metallic legs. It's purpose is to travel. 25
Groundskeeper A tank of acid. Large in design and volatile. 25
Image Name Description
Grand Matron The pinnacle of achievement. Left forgotten as it still faithfully serves it's creators desires.
Gentleman It possesses makeshift wings like those of the Drauvens. Though it's balance is so grotesque it's questionable if it can take flight.
Earthdriving God A digging machine worshipped as a god.

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