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Sentinel is a Warrior ability.

In-Game Description

Replaces Guardian. The warrior leaps up to two tiles in order to intercept a foe who passes nearby, performing a reaction strike.


Sentinel interrupts enemy movement.


Using Sentinel ends a hero's turn, while they wait for an enemy to approach. The hero will jump within a 2.7 tile radius in order to make a melee reaction strike against the first enemy they can hit.

Upgraded Sentinel interrupts enemy movement. With knockback or Long Reach, a melee enemy may be stopped in a place where they are unable to attack.

  • Reaction strikes from Sentinel work the same as from Guardian otherwise.
  • Completely replaces Guardian, so it is not possible to choose a stationary defense once you gain this ability.


  • To get value out of Sentinel, a warrior needs to have enough armor and health to survive a couple hits, and possibly advised to have a weapon with knockback as well to slam enemies into positions where they won't get to make their own attacks. Without enough armor and health, Sentinel can become actively hazardous to the warrior, as they may leap out from the protection of their allies into an area where multiple foes can attack them. It can be wise to line up the sentinel warrior behind allies, so that when they leap they are still in a defensible position.
  • If the Sentinel warrior deals enough damage to get frequent kills, Untouchable can add survivability.
  • Sentinel can combine well with Broadswipes and Vigilance to execute multiple Broadswipes from different positions, maximizing the number of targets hit.