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Guardian is the Warrior's starting ability.

Ingame Description

(Active) End your turn and wait for an enemy to come within range. Hit up to one enemy with a melee attack. (Also works with ranged theme attacks in melee range)


  • Attacks the first enemy to come into range before the party's next turn.
  • Guardian prefers to strike with a melee weapon, but it will use a theme melee or ranged attack if no melee weapon is equipped. If none of these options are available, the hero will punch the target for 1 damage (boosted by bonus damage).
  • Guardian can stunt. In this case the bonus from a water stunt is lost; other stunt effects work normally.
  • Foes will attempt to avoid the guarded area.


  • Combine with a mace to knock back melee attackers, causing them to forfeit their attack when they are no longer in range.
  • Guardian can attack during your turn if another hero uses an ability that repositions a foe into the guarded area.