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Guardian is the Warrior's starting ability.

Ingame Description

(Active) End your turn and wait for an enemy to come within range. Hit up to one enemy with a melee attack.


Guardian makes the warrior prepare for battle by ending his turn and striking the next enemy that comes into range.

Sentinel is a possible upgrade to Guardian.

  • Guardian and Sentinel will use transformation melee attacks, if available.
  • Guardian and Sentinel can stunt. In this case the bonus from a water enchant is lost; other enchants work normally.


  • Guarding in front of weaker party members triggers Walling, reducing incoming damage by 1 and additionally striking any foe that dares to enter melee range.
  • Vigilance increases the potential damage the Hero can cause by increasing the amount of reaction strikes per turn.
  • Long Reach pairs very well with the aforementioned abilities. Combining Long Reach with a spear enables the Warrior to cover a lot of space.