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Stalwart is a Warrior ability.

In-Game Description

(Active) As a swift action, Hero can enable/disable Stalwart, which grants +3 Armor and Warding but reduces their Speed by 1/2.


When Stalwart is active, Hero also becomes immune to negative status effects.



  • Stalwart can be toggled off and on again to restore shredded armor.
  • Zealous Leap can provide mobility to help a Stalwart warrior get around.
  • Synergizes with Sentinel, as it provides the survivability that ability requires, and Sentinel provides some mobility to mitigate Stalwart's slowness.
  • Stalwart's bonus armor provides extra damage for Backslam, though because both moves use swift actions they can sometimes conflict with each other.
  • Because Stalwart requires a swift action to activate or deactivate, it can conflict with other abilities that rely on swift actions like Shieldshear.


  • Prior to patch 0.8+86 Grifwit Marten the ability was named Centurion.