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Rogue is a passive Hunter ability that allows the Hunter to enter grayplane after killing an enemy.

Duigtia entering grayplane after killing a Roe

In-Game Description

(Passive) Every time Hero kills an enemy, he/she enters grayplane for free.


 Attacks against wounded targets deal +1 damage.


For the Rogue ability to trigger, the killing blow must be dealt by a direct Hunter ability. Standard attacks count, ranged or melee, as do damage-dealing abilities like Flashcone and counter-attacks from Archery, but deaths resulting from indirect effects like Quellingmoss poison or Jumpjaw traps do not.


Rogue allows Hunters to position themselves more aggressively when they can guarantee a kill, as they will be safe from enemy attacks after entering grayplane. It also ensures that the Hunter's next attack will benefit from the armor-ignoring bonus of being hidden.

Part of a strong combo with Thornfang.

Rogue is also very valuable to an archer, since the piercing benefits of grayplane apply to arrows as well as daggers.