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Rogue is a passive Hunter ability that allows the Hunter to enter grayplane after killing an enemy.

Duigtia entering grayplane after killing a Roe

In-Game Description

(Passive) Every time Hero kills an enemy, he/she enters grayplane for free.


 Also become hidden on stunt.


For the Rogue ability to trigger, the killing blow must be dealt directly by the hero. Standard attacks count, ranged or melee, as do damage-dealing abilities like Flashcone and counter-attacks from Archery, but deaths resulting from indirect effects like Quellingmoss poison or Jumpjaw traps do not.


  • Rogue allows Hunters to position themselves more aggressively when they can guarantee a kill, as they will be safe from enemy attacks after entering grayplane. It also ensures that the Hunter's next attack will benefit from the armor-ignoring bonus of being hidden.
  • Combines well with Thornfang to ensure that every attack ignores armor.