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Backslam is a Warrior ability.

In-Game Description

(Active) As a UI DiamondFeather.png swift action, every other turn, Hero knocks an enemy up to x tiles away, dealing y damage (1 damage for each Armor Hero has).


Knock the target into another enemy to displace it, deal half damage (1/2 of Hero's Armor), and Hobble both enemies.

In addition to the effects of basic Backslam, this upgraded will displace, hobble, and deal half damage to the enemy the target lands on.


  • distance = 2.6 + Potency/2
  • damage = Armor
  • The target position can be chosen, similarly to Vinewrench.
  • Long Reach affects the grab distance, but not the throw distance.


  • As a swift action, gives the warrior an extra attack every other turn. This is most valuable if they don't already have something to do with their swift action.
  • Can be used to set up allies for flanking, though you have to be careful to consider where the enemy is going to be slammed to.
  • Combines well with Knightmail; armor-boosting abilities like Stalwart, Tinker, and Engage; and certain theme effects that boost armor.
  • Note that moving an enemy several tiles away is not always desireable if it prevents the warrior from following up with a melee strike to kill it.