Drauven Faction

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The Drauven Faction, a civilization at odds with humanity.

General Information

Drauven are lizard people that live in tribes and make their homes in the wilderness. They're known to make disputes not just with humans but with each other. Drauvens differ greatly in size, with the smallest ones reaching the height of an average adult human and the largest ones growing thrice that size. Their civilization is based off of folklore about dragons and ways to the sky. They've made an artificial way of flight which is only allowed to the most prestigious warriors, the Drauven Wings. Though they've shown to perform rituals that allows them to grow real wings which we humans call the Hawksoul. With their current ways of life, pursuit of flight and their worship of dragons, it is for almost certain that in the far past, their race was assisted by one or multiple dragons. And with the ritual to grant wings it is very plausible that a Drauv has the ability to become a dragon itself. Though this is mere speculation held up only by the existence of the Dravonne. Due to language barriers, territorial disputes, losses of life during the All the Bones of Summer campaign, humans and drauvens are on hostile terms. -Green Riding Hood

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List of Units

Image Name Description Monster Threat
Drauven Stump card spear.PNG
Stump Drauven Warrior equipped with a melee weapon. 8
Dart Drauven Warrior equipped with a bow. 10
Drauven Stormthroat card.PNG
Stormthroat Drauven bird keeper, able to use Battleyell to give nearby Drauven additional attacks. 10
Haunt Drauven rogue, equipped with a dagger and shrouded in stealth. 12
Deeven Drauven Sage, capable to interfuse. 20
Redcloak A drauven on the level of a king. 20
Terrorbird Large bird with small wings. A mascot of the drauven, inspiring nearby Drauven. 24
Raid Knight Drauven Rider, mounting a Terrorbird with bow in hand. 24
Gorelord Drauven Champion with a bulky body and powerful melee attacks. 25
Pilot Nobylle A peerless warrior. Equipped with an apparatus to master the air. 30
Image Name Description
Imperial Captain
Emperor The Drauven Emperor.
Dravonne A bird Dragon.

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