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Quellingmoss is a passive Hunter ability that adds a poison damage-over-time effect to a Hunter's physical attacks.

A Roe poisoned by Quellingmoss

In-Game Description

(Passive/Active) Hero has coated her weapons in quellingmoss; their physical attacks apply Poison 1. As an action, they can toss a flask of burning moss that applies Poison x to all units in a small area.


Passive and active poison both increased by 1. 
Passive: 1 ➔ 2
Active: x ➔ x+1


  • Passive poison 1 is applied automatically by physical attacks, including bows and throwing knives.
  • Poison bomb: UI DiamondFilled.png single action, AoE radius 2, 1+Potency/2 damage
  • Poison does no damage on the turn it is applied; it takes effect at the start of the monster's turn
  • Both ranged and melee physical attacks will apply the poison effect.
  • Other physical damage sources like Jumpjaw traps or magic damage like Flashcone do not apply poison.


Quellingmoss is particularly effective against enemies with high armor and low health, as poison bypasses all damage mitigation.