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Mystics interfuse with things and can then manipulate those things to perform their magic. The mystic can perform some action and/or gain some benefit from the interfusion. The effects of interfusion depend on the object that the mystic is linked with, and so battles play out differently in different environments. Interfusion is the primary method human mystics use to perform magic.

It's sort of a temporary soul-combining, maybe?


As a UI DiamondFeather.png swift action, Mystics or heroes equipped with Thnarrs Accordica can Interfuse with or Withdraw from objects within 6 + Long Reach range. Interfusion is automatically withdrawn at the beginning of a turn if the hero is more than 8.0 tiles away from the interfused object. When selecting a tile to move, Scenery that will be in interfusion range is highlighted in blue.

Range for interfusion effects is measured from the interfused object. With objects larger than one tile, it is measured from the most advantageous part of the object.

Range accuracy is used when calculating the hit rate of interfusion attacks.

Interfusion damage scale with Spell Damage and potency.

Interfusion attacks gain the stunt effects of the Hero's equipped weapon.

Interfusion attacks benefit from flanking and can set up flanking. For flanking and Cover purposes, damage for most interfusion effects is treated as originating from the interfused object. Interfusion attacks do not inherit 2x flanking damage from daggers but do benefit from flanking damage bonus buffs from Wolfcall+ and Cunning.

Interfuse and Withdraw do not break grayplane, but interfusion attacks will break grayplane.

Interfusion slot

By default a mystic is limited to two active interfusions, though it is possible for abilities to increase this number. If the mystic's active infusion count is full, they must withdraw from one before they can interfuse with a new object.

Interfused scenery

The mystic gains a limited viewing area around any interfused object, 8 for fire and 7 for all others.

Basic Interfusions

All basic interfusion actions are UI DiamondRed.png single action, ends turn.



Line attack for fire damage, does half damage to enemies along the path and full damage where the fire stops. Additional burn for 2 magic damage, 1 piercing, will be dealt at the start of the target's next turn.  (Line 3.6 length, Pot+Spell Damage+2 magic damage, 1 pierce fire)
  • Fireleash has a maximum range of 3.6 + Long Reach from the blaze and 10 + Long Reach from the mystic.



Propel a long cruel lance of bone to impale enemies. The lance originates from the centre point of a multi-tile object. (Line 4.6 length, Pot+Spell Damage+1d2 damage, 1 pierce, –Pot health to the Bone and other scenery struck)

Lamp (fire)

Steal Fire

The restless fire is unleashed onto a nearby tile, burning where it lands and dealing half damage to units it passes through. Extinguishes the Lamp. Destination tile can be occupied by foes, but not by other Blazes. (Line 4.6 length, Pot+Spell Damage+2 magic damage, 1 pierce, fire)
  • Steal Fire has a maximum range of 4.6 + Long Reach from the lamp and 10 + Long Reach from the mystic.

Lamp (flare)


Amplify the radiance of this light source to excruciating levels, blinding enemies. The flare counts as an attack for flanking if it hits.  (AOE 3.6 radius centered on the Lamp, blind 1 turn, –2 health to Lamp)


Scalding Rain

Boiling liquid burns away armor and gnaws at the enemy's flesh. (4.6 range, Pot+Spell Damage+1d2 damage, 2 shred, –1 health to Liquid)


Wild Grasp

The plant sends out tendrils that grab and draw in an enemy, dealing damage and pinning them. Target is dragged back to the closest open point to the plant. (Potency+Spell Damage damage, 5.6 range, –1 health to Plant)



Warp metal into grasping appendages that pin a single enemy for two turns. (4.6 range, 100% hit, pin 2 turns, (Potency+Spell Damage+1)/2 damage, –3 health to Metal)



Animate shards on the floor like sharkfins, slashing the feet of intruders. Lays a single trap on the floor occupying multiple tiles, and affects the first enemy to step into any of the tiles. The traps work the same as Hunter Jumpjaw traps, except that each tile is a separate trap that is triggered independently. Creates debris in the affected area. (Line 5 length, 1+(Potency+Spell Damage)/2 damage, pin 1 turn, –2 health to Shards)



A stone disk launches at an enemy or scenery and then ricochets to another nearby enemy, dealing half damage to the second target, round up. For the purposes of determining Flanking, the first hit comes from the interfused object and the second comes from the first target. The discus cannot hit through cover objects. If the first attack misses, the second does not occur. (4.6 range, Pot+Spell Damage+2 damage, -3 health to Stone)



A serpent of animated fabric wraps round an enemy, hobbling it and squeezing away its life. (6.6 range, Pot+Spell Damage magic damage, hobble 2 turns, –1 health to Textile)



Tools are torn into a deadly whirl, rending targets in a nearby area with their tooly teeth. The interfused object's health adds to your range accuracy. (AOE 2.1 radius, 3.6 range, Pot + Spell Damage + 0-2 damage, destroys Tools)


Explode a wooden object into a shredding blast of splinters that savages an area. The interfused object's health adds to your range accuracy. Spreads debris and fire. (AOE 1-3* radius, 2.6 range, 1+(Potency+Spell Damage)/3 damage, (Potency+Spell Damage)/2 shred, (Pot+Spell Damage)/2 pierce, destroys Wood)
  • Splinterblast always destroys the interfused Wood entirely. The area of effect depends on its size in tiles, specifically 0.6 + 0.5×size radius.

Advanced Interfusions