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The past history of the player.

A data store for the player’s accomplishments, including achievements, heroes, and equipment. Anything that can be unlocked is notionally stored in the player’s Legacy, and the Legacy can be queried during the game for purposes of unlocking content, providing relevant legends, etc..


He saved the Yondering Lands

Heroes are added to your legacy upon completion of a campaign if they survived or retired. A hero who died is also added to your legacy if you built a tomb for them or if they died during the final battle. Legacy heroes can be recruited in subsequent campaigns instead of new random farmers by paying extra legacy points depending on their legacy tier.

Recruitment availability

Heroes may be selected from the legacy to be members of the starting party in certain campaigns. Additionally, within a campaign, towns offer a random selection of legacy heroes to be recruited in place of farmers. Roughly, each town offers 14% of your Folk Heroes (up to a maximum of 5) and 14% of your higher-tier legacy heroes (up to a maximum of 5). No hero is offered by more than one town. The distribution of heroes across towns is determined at the campaign's outset. As a result of this distribution, not all legacy heroes are available for recruitment in a given campaign. Those who are not available can appear in certain events, like Pulling Threads.

Specifically, consider Folk Heroes and higher-tier legacy heroes separately. The calculation is the same for both and proceeds as follows. Given a legacy containing numHeroes such heroes, the target number to place in towns is floor(0.14 * numHeroes * numTowns) for a campaign with numTowns towns. These heroes will be distributed as evenly as possible across the towns, but if an uneven distribution is necessary (because the number of towns does not divide the target number of heroes), then later towns receive more heroes. Finally, two restrictions apply to each town, each of which can cause the actual number of legacy heroes available to differ from the target number:

  • There is a maximum of 5 heroes per town.
  • There is a minimum of 1 hero per town, unless this is not possible because numHeroes is smaller than numTowns. In that case, heroes are preferentially assigned to earlier towns, so that the first numHeroes towns will each contain 1 hero.

Currently, all legacy heroes are taken into account in the above calculation, even those who were selected to begin the campaign. Since a hero who is already in the party will not appear as a recruitment option, their only impact is to reduce the number of heroes available in the town into which they were placed.

Recruitment outcome

A hero recruited from the legacy will be brought in without any augments, and the rest of their equipment will be scaled down according to the chapter number: armor and weapons will decrease in tier. The elemental or artifact properties of the weapons will be retained.

You choose which abilities the hero should retain upon recruitment. The higher a hero's legacy tier, the more Legacy Points they cost to recruit but the more abilities they retain. Heroes with a higher legacy tier also typically return at a higher age, although legacy heroes selected at the start of a legacy campaign can have their age fixed by the campaign's plot. If the hero's age is not fixed, it will be rerolled each time you select the hero from your legacy.

Tier Title Legacy Point cost Number of abilities Age
1 Folk Hero +1 1 22-26
2 Local Legend +2 2 24-28
3 Fabled Adventurer +3 3 26-30
4 Balladsung Hero +4 4 28-32
5 Mythwalker +5 5 30-34

Heroes retain all themes and maimed limbs when they are recruited. They also retain hook resolutions (with the associated retirement age boosts). Most stat boosts awarded by events are not retained, but the following event rewards are retained:


When you complete a campaign, you can choose a number of surviving or retired heroes from that campaign to promote to the next legacy tier. These heroes' current items, transformations, history, and abilities will be saved to your Legacy. A three-chapter campaign grants one Legacy promotion, while a five-chapter campaign grants two. Moreover, every 10 Legacy Points left over grants an additional Legacy promotion.

Mythwalkers can be promoted to save changes that they underwent during a campaign, but their legacy tier will not increase.

Completing a campaign again from a savegame does not grant more promotions. However, if some promotions were skipped, they remain available after reloading a savegame. In particular, the game tracks how many promotions were spent and subtracts this count from the number that it offers.


When you have brought a legacy hero back, new changes to them will be saved only if you promote them at the end of the campaign. Otherwise, they stay the way they were before in the legacy.


If you have heroes in your Legacy that you are no longer interested in, you can select them and remove them by clicking "Forget".

Alternatively, you can mark them as not playable. Non-"playable" characters are not offered as options to recruit.

If you forget a legacy hero after recruiting them, while they're active in an unfinished campaign, they'll be saved as tier 1 at the end of the campaign.

Elemental Weapons

The elemental weapons that your heroes equipped over the course of a victorious campaign are added to your legacy. These weapons become available to craft in future campaigns.