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Stunned Enemy

Stunned is a status effect that skips a turn for each stack of stunned applied.

<shortName> is knocked off balance and won't take any actions for a turn.


  • Stunned can be stacked, each stack of Stunned adds another Turn to the duration

Hero abilities

Name Description
Loredump (Interfusion) Overload an enemy's brain with knowledge, dealing damage and stunning them for 2 turns.
Stunning Barrage (Interfusion) Tools sharpen their heads and throw themselves into a horrific frenzy, rending and stunning targets in a nearby area.
Jump Jolt (Stormtouched) Lightning surges through up to two foes, dealing half damage to the second. Stuns on stunt.
Thunder Stomp (Stormtouched) Once per turn as a swift action, stomps the ground with a small chance to stun enemies within range. Chance increases with stunt chance.