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Neutral factions, who do not belong to the five enemy forces.

General Information

Besides the nefarious monsters that roam the lands there exist other beings that make the Yonderings their home. Humans, spirits, guardians and other creatures that do not belong to any of the five enemy factions.

Campaign related to Neutral: The Sunswallower's Wake

List of Units


Image Name Description Event
Armored Storm An executioner that killed the brood of an convicted sorcerer. Storied Bones
Ghost Bear A celestial bear that absorbed plenty of souls over an excruciating amount of time. The Shape Of Things To Come
All the Sweltering Stars
Rootbear A hostile Forest guardian lured in by the light. Pyrelight
The Offering
Dodging Destiny
Forest Guardian A forest guardian that attacks anyone that disturbs their territory, has high trust in Elmsoul heroes. Into the Woods
Hill Guardian A foothill guardian as big as a mountain. Guards the library of light. Can show up bickering with the forest guardian over a shrine offering. Library of Light
The Offering
Retainer of the Old God A foothill guardian that acts in service of Oruwei, goddess of borders and inbetween. For an Old Wish Passing


Image Name Description Event
Spectral Hero The hero that tricked Vulta and sealed their soul inside a Dwemerald that look like the Spellshard The Prisoner
The Exile Vulta in human form. Cursed to revive after every death. Knowledgeable around curses. Knows of the Elden mystics and the gods of deep and glade that crafted the dwemerald, the malisheer, the meldstone and the moonweelin. The Prisoner
Warlock of the Mountain A witch that makes their home on top of a mountain that relishes in causing mischief. Their food can add diverse buffs to heroes. A great sorcerer. Mountain Mischief
Nan the Mighty Shows up as a challenger for the Pool of Revisions that can show others alternate timelines with different choices. For some reason will be replaced by a Lostling for the Pool of Reckoning. From Another Time
The Lostling Shows up as a challenger for the Pool of Reckoning where the powerful can claim their stories for their own. Will show up as a sealed black mist in a backstory. For some reason will be replaced by Nan the mighty warrior for the Pool of Reckoning. From Another Time
The Marshcastle Gang Group of mercenaries that advertise as heroes but act like bandits. Needed Elsewhere
The Latchlifter Crew Merciless bandits that haunted down a blacksmith for vengeance. The Unstilled Heart
Township Tyrants Villagers that sacrificed others for the great one. The Great One
Deepist recruits Deepist sympathizers before their transformation. Into The Underworld


Image Name Description Event
Crow Woman A mysterious crow witch that can read the future. Used to claim the hero as their other half in a removed event. Company of Crows
As The Crow Flies
Flamefiend A summoned beast from the blood of a hero. Dark Curiosity
The Great One A beast that tyrannized a village. The Great One
Gobbler A creature that feasts on gorgons and their remains. Shows up in a tiding event questioning why gorgons keep on glowing after their death. Fading Lights
A Mending Path
Suneater Demons or monsters that can enter the Yondering through the sunaltar. Black mists that resemble the Lostlings mentioned in passing.
Infection Paraqueens, bacteria dragons, shown to exist on a world inside the soul of the hero. Can improve the defense of the body and if killed will improve the power of the soul instead. Enemies with the guardian of the body. The Scattered Self
Body Guardian Acts as the conscience of the soul. Initially will show up as a pig that might relate to the animal guardians. Wants the infection removed at all costs and strangely enough will turn into a darker great one if refused. The Scattered Self
Ravolin and Granger Two drauven that ambush wanderers. Strangely called exiles with unique names. The Unstilled Heart

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