Gorgon Faction

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The Gorgon Faction, shrouded in mystery and filled with ancient knowledge.

General Information

Gorgon are large, bluish, snake like creatures, with their heads sprouting tentacles that might be the equivalent of their hair and arms that grow on their torso. Gorgons are a long lived species that are hostile to all forms of life that isn't their own. Gorgons have the ability to petrify others, in most cases being lethal and survivors living with the Petrified transformation. Gorgons can spread Gorgon Corrupted Land that acts like poison to everyone else. A key feature of Gorgons is their ability to corrupt others by implanting corrupted seeds, with the majority of victims being animals and humans getting the Gorgonoid transformation. Corrupted Animals will have certain body parts that start glowing blue or green. These corrupted animals seem to retain their intelligence and become subordinates to Gorgons, becoming hostile to anything that isn't Gorgon. It is unknown why Gorgons are so hostile to anything alive but it is possible the Gorgons have existed way before the world was inhabited by different creatures and see us as the corruption that polluted their world. During the Age of Ulstryx campaign the Gorgons have become enemies to all life itself and since then there have been no peace reconciliation. Everyone is urged to run as far as possible if they ever come across a Gorgon in the wilds. -Green Riding Hood

For more in-depth information please refer to: Gorgon Lore

Campaign related to Gorgon: Age of Ulstryx

Transformation related to Gorgon: Gorgonoid, Petrified

List of Units

Image Name Description Monster Threat
Roe An infected deer. 10
Rager An infected hog 20
Raccoon An infected racoon 15
Bogmoor An infected overgrown frog, stalking the swamps and ponds. 20
Cow Infected farm animal. 25
Gheist An infected bear. 30
True Gorgon A true gorgon. 30
Gorgon Seacaller An Gorgon elder. 30
Bartoth A mutated rager, powerful and furious. 40
Staggron A matured Roe, earth trembles before it's charge. 35
Usric A further corrupted Gheist, moving with austere hunger. 38

Image Name Description
The Halfglance Gorgon A scarred, vicious Gorgon.
The Arch-Gorgon A monarch among Gorgons, grown in age, size and wisdom.
Althuun, Salt Witch Guardian of the Temple of Silence.

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