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Petrified is a transformation that can be gained by a hero who is maimed by a True Gorgon.

In-Game Description

Turned to stone by a Gorgon curse.


The hero can receive Petrified Limbs when maimed by a True Gorgon. This is an unusual occurrence, as the True Gorgon can inflict Petrified upon an untransformed character who then gets that theme as a result of being maimed. No other theme has been given as the result of being maimed.

Petrified Arm

Hero's arm has turned to stone.

+0.2 armor

Stone Claw. Rake a nearby foe with a gorgonized arm.

  • Damage: (1-5) + (Bonus Damage + Potency)

Petrified Leg

Hero's leg has been turned to stone.
  • +1 speed (–0.7 slower than a natural human leg, same as a peg leg)
  • +0.2 armor