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Ratlike is a theme that can be gained by a hero from the event The Offering.

<self> has a certain ratlike spirit about them.
A Mystic with the Rat Tail.
The alternative "Tufted" skin, from the Armors and Skins DLC.

Theme conflicts

A Ratlike hero will not be eligible for any of these additional themes: None

If a hero has any of these themes, it is not possible to also become Ratlike: Foxish, Scorpioid, Skunkish

Without theme slot conflicts, a Ratlike hero is still eligible for any of these additional themes: Any

Without theme slot conflicts, it is still possible for a hero with any of the following themes to also become Ratlike: Beartouched, Botanical, Celestial, Child of the Hills, Crowtouched, Crystalline, Deepist Spy, Drauven Wings, Elmsoul, Flamesoul, Frogtouched, Frost, Gorgonoid, Hawksoul, Mark of the Horn, Mortificial Enhancements, Mothly, Petrified, Shadow, Skeletal, Spell Touched, Stormtouched, Sylvan, Teeny Wings, Vulture Acolyte, Wolftouched


The hero has a rat tail. This is a cosmetic change and confers no additional abilities.

Rat Tail

<self> has a rat tail.


  • Ratlike provides no benefit to the player but prevents them from obtaining other tail themes that do provide a strategic benefit. This means Ratlike is never strategically useful and should only be taken if the player values the cosmetic effect.