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Flamesoul is a Theme that can be gained by a Hero from the event Stories of Fire.

A fully transformed Flamesoul Hunter.
The alternative "Earthen" skin, unlocked after completing the "Grillmaster" achievement.
Ability upgrade to Flamesoul.

In-Game Description

Fire twists inside <Hero>, just barely contained.


The hero gains Fire Tattoo and their left arm is replaced by a Fire Arm. Their History will include:

<Hero's> inner passion drew him/her to a mysterious fire spirit, which now burns within his/her body and soul.

This theme is not affected by the Hero's colors.

Fire Tattoo

Sigils of fire burn on <Hero's> brow.

In addition to the head tattoo, the hero's hair color changes and streaks appear in their hair.

Fire Arm (L)

<Hero's> left arm spawns the eager start of a flame.

The left arm cannot grip a weapon or use any items, but can make a new flame attack.

Cone of Fire. Shoot a blast of fire from your hand. Line attack, 4.6 length, originating from the hero. UI DiamondRed.png single action, ends turn, (1–3) + (Bonus damage+Potency)/2 magic damage.

Any or all of the affected tiles may be set on fire. If the enemy's tile is set on fire, additional 2 magic damage (1 piercing) will be dealt at the start of their turn. The jet of fire is not stopped by scenery objects, and also does not damage them.

Stunt effect: Fire

Fire Arm (R)

<Hero's> right arm brings the inferno.

If the hero loses their right arm, it is replaced by a Fire arm.

The right arm cannot grip a weapon, but its Strike ability can melee an enemy. Damage (3–6) + (Bonus damage+Potency)/2. Upgraded damage (4–7) + Bonus damage+Potency

Stunt effect: Fire

Fire Leg

<Hero's> leg is fiery.

If the hero loses a leg, it is replaced by a Fire Leg.

  • -0.1 Speed (Total of 1.6 speed. The natural human leg is 1.7 speed. A peg leg is 1 speed)
  • +1 Warding