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Botanical is a Theme that can be gained by a Hero from the event The Strider.

A fully transformed Botanical Mystic.
The alternative "Mythic" skin, unlocked after completing the "A Temperamental Shrub" achievement.

In-Game Description

<Hero's> blood runs a little green.


The Hero gains Leafmark after completing the event.

Changing the Hero's secondary color will change this theme's base appearance. The "Mythic" skin can be changed with both the primary and secondary colors.

Unlike other themes, Botanical abilities cannot be upgraded.


A leafy crest blooms from Hero's forehead.
  • +10 Recovery Rate

Vine Arm (L)

 <Hero's> left arm ends in a cruel barbed flower.

Thorn Lash. UI DiamondRed.png single action, ends turn. Lash out, dealing damage and applying poison 1 in a line.

Vine Arm (R)

 <Hero's> right arm is made up of writhing vines.

Entangle. UI DiamondFeather.png swift action. Once per turn, send vines out to grab a foe or ally and move them to a specified tile.

Vine Leg (L/R)

 <Hero> stands upon a stem-like leg.
  • –0.3 Speed (vs human normal leg)
  • +5 Dodge