Teeny Wings

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Teeny Wings is a theme that can be gained by a hero from the event Dreams of Icarus.

Frankly, these are useless.

Theme conflicts

A Teeny Wings hero will not be eligible for any of these additional themes: Crowtouched, Drauven Wings, Hawksoul

If a hero has any of these themes, it is not possible to also become Teeny Wings: Crowtouched, Drauven Wings, Hawksoul, Mothly

The following theme slots will be transformed on initial acquisition of the theme: Wings (required to be available)


The event targets a hero with Max (Leader, Hothead, Greedy) score >= 80.

Teeny Wings

<self> has a pair of comically small wings.


  • Teeny Wings provide no benefit to the player but prevent them from obtaining other wing themes that do provide a strategic benefit. This means Teeny Wings is never strategically useful and should only be taken if the player values the cosmetic effect.