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Sylvan is a Theme that can be gained by a Hero from the event Drifters.

A fully transformed Sylvan Warrior.
The alternative "Knotted" skin, unlocked after completing the "Into Mulch" achievement.
Ability upgrade to Witherbolt.

In-Game Description

Marked with green after sleeping in a spirit's clearing.


The Hero gains Spirit-Marked.

Changing the Hero's hair and secondary color will change this theme's base appearance. The "Knotted" skin can be changed with the hair, the primary, and the secondary colors.

Sylvan Tattoo

Green pulses through <Hero's> face and hair.
  • +5 Retirement Age
  • –5 Tenacity.

Sylvan Arm (Left)

Invigoration. Touch an adjacent target to grant 2 temporary health, twice per combat.

Health: 2 + 1/2(Bonus Damage + Potency)

Sylvan Arm (Right)

Witherbolt. Sends a chaotic bolt of withering energy, that leaps up to 3 targets, doubling in damage for each enemy hit. (1-2-4)

Initial Damage: 1/4 (Bonus Damage + Potency)

It is possible to acquire Witherbolt without acquiring Invigoration (allowing holding a weapon) if the right arm is maimed.

Witherbolt has a hidden +10 ranged accuracy bonus.

Sylvan Leg

  • +0.8 Speed (Total of 2.5 speed. A normal human leg gives 1.7 speed)
  • -5 Block