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Foxish is a theme that can be gained by a hero from the event The Merchant.

<self> has a bit of a fox's flash.

Theme conflicts

A Foxish hero will not be eligible for any of these additional themes: Scorpioid, Ratlike, Skunkish

If a hero has any of these themes, it is not possible to also become Foxish: Scorpioid, Skunkish

Theme Upgrade

Nimble Nature

(Passive) Gain +1 Speed, +10 Stunt Chance, and +10 Dodge.

Note: to use this ability, it must be selected as a theme upgrade upon hero promotion.

Fox Tail

<self> has a fluffy tail.

+0.4 Speed
+4 Stunt Chance
+4 Dodge


  • The fox tail provides substantial stat boosts to a hero and is preferred on any hero that does not benefit substantially from a Scorpioid tail.
  • Warriors and Hunters who use Thornfang may still get better usage out of a scorpion tail.