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Tips Skeleton

  • Unlike with other themes there is no option to decline additional limbs transforming and all limbs will transform faster. This can make it difficult to combine other themes with skeleton. For more details see Theme order conflicts guide.
  • Skeleton can be very powerful for Hunters with Thornfang as the theme provides the most powerful dagger attack.
  • For Skeleton Hunters a Scorpioid Tail is suggested to gain a longer ranged melee attack as well. Potency from Skeleton theme helps to power up the tail stab.
  • A Mortificial Enhancements arm crossbow can be gained before skeleton in order to maintain the ability to make ranged attacks at the cost of the Bitter Scratch ability. Similarly a hero can also gain a Stormtouched arm or leg.
  • While Skeletal only requires the head slot to be available it is generally advisable to obtain the dagger and the legs.
  • A Skeletal hero can not form relationships but will maintain tier one relationships that are locked in legacy before becoming skeletal. For this reason it is suggested to lock friendship relationships before becoming skeletal.
  • Skeleton is not suggested on Warriors for any build as the limited attack range works against them.
  • A Mystic with Skeleton dagger gains a boost to interfusion attack damage equivalent to a tier three wand but lacks the ability to gain elemental stunt effects.

Tips Mortificial

  • The Mortificial Crossbow is unique among theme arms in that it benefits from the Hunter’s Ember Arrows and Through Shot abilities.
  • Using an Empowered Bone Spear with the Mortificial Crossbow can allow for very high damage but the limitation to one shot per turn limits the usefulness of this strategy.
  • A second Crossbow may be used in the other hand in order to allow multiple ranged attacks per turn.
  • Mortificial Theme must be gained before most other themes as many themes prevent the possibility of gaining maimed limbs which are required to gain Mortificial Enhancements. For more information see Theme order conflicts guide.

Tips Botanical

  • While Botanical lacks a theme upgrade ability, Thornlash has a default 1:1 scaling for Potency and Bonus Damage in line with the scaling on most upgraded abilities.
  • The high dodge and ranged transformation attack makes botanical a favorite for Dodge build Hunters which aim to stack enough dodge and Block to be missed by all attacks that are not Flanking allowing the hunter to retaliate safely with Archery and Riposte attacks. Due to the limited range of transformation attacks Sharpshooter and Long Reach are highly suggested for these builds. Other dodge boosting themes and items include Crowtouched Wings, Duck pet and Night Shard weapon.

Tips Sylvan

  • Witherbolt is very powerful for Vigorflow build Mystics as it allows you to hit three targets with Vigorflow but only requires one arm leaving a human arm available to hold a Swan Scepter.