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UI DiamondFeather.png swift action (free once per turn)

Thunder Stomp

x range

Once per turn as a swift action, stomps the ground with a small chance to stun enemies within range. Chance increases with stunt chance.

Range: 1.6 + 1/3 Potency (+1 if both legs)


  • Accuracy is determined by stunt chance; in particular it is 40 + stunt_chance/5. Note that stunt chance is reduced against multiple targets (see stunt chance) and this reduction also affects Thunder Stomp's accuracy.
  • For example, against a single target with block+dodge=100 (a typical value; see monster stats), Thunder Stomp has the following chance to hit:
    • 0% stunt chance ⇒ 15% hit chance
    • 25% stunt chance ⇒ 20% hit chance
    • 50% stunt chance ⇒ 25% hit chance