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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Icon/doc


This template displays an icon for an identifier. The template uses the following parameters:

The first parameter is the identifier for the icon. It has no default value and is always required.
The second parameter is the width of the icon. It is optional. The default width is 16px, or 24px, depending on the icon.


{{Icon|identifier}}} or {{Icon|identifier|width}}


{{Icon|single action}} will generate UI DiamondFilled.png.

{{Icon|single action, ends turn|32px}} will generate UI DiamondRed.png.

List of available icons


aid Ability aid.png
ambush Ability ambush.png
arches Ability arches.png
area magic Ability areaMagic.png
backslam Ability backslam.png
barricades Ability barricades.png
bash Ability bash.png
bear hug Ability bearhug.png
bite Ability bite.png
blazing arrow Ability blazingArrow.png
blazing sword Ability blazingSword.png
bonespear Ability bonespear.png
bonewall Ability bonewall.png
caltrops Ability caltrops.png
claw Ability claw.png
compulsion Ability compulsion.png
craft Ability craft.png
crush Ability crush.png
defend Ability defend.png
destroy Ability destroy.png
divine athlete Ability divineAthlete.png
end turn Ability endTurn.png
engage Ability engage.png
engulf Ability engulf.png
extinguish fire Ability extinguishFire.png
falling stars Ability fallingStars.png
fireleash Ability fireleash.png
flashcone Ability flashcone.png
forge Ability forge.png
foxflight Ability foxflight.png
frenzy Ability frenzy.png
gather Ability gather.png
guard Ability guard.png
guardian Ability guardian.png
harvest Ability harvest.png
heal Ability heal.png
heroic attack Ability heroicAttack.png
heroism Ability heroism.png
hook gouge Ability hookGouge.png
hurlaxe Ability hurlaxe.png
ignite Ability ignite.png
improvised fireball Ability improvisedFireball.png
interfuse Ability interfuse.png
jumpjaw Ability jumpjaw.png
lore dump Ability loreDump.png
magic Ability magic.png
melee Ability melee.png
open door Ability openDoor.png
scalding rain Ability scaldingRain.png
scout Ability scout.png
secure site Ability secureSite.png
sentinel Ability sentinel.png
shackle Ability shackle.png
sharktrap Ability sharktrap.png
shieldshear Ability shieldshear.png
shooting star Ability shootingStar.png
silkstep Ability silkstep.png
silkstep cloak Ability silkstepCloak.png
site-specific tower Ability siteSpecificTower.png
site-specific village Ability siteSpecificVillage.png
soul harvest Ability soulHarvest.png
soulstrike Ability soulstrike.png
soulstrike (ranged) Ability soulstrikeRanged.png
splinterblast Ability splinterblast.png
shardnado Ability shardnado.png
steal fire Ability stealFire.png
withdraw Ability withdraw.png

Action points

Action points
single action UI DiamondFilled.png
single action, ends turn UI DiamondRed.png
swift action UI DiamondFeather.png


artifact EquipmentIcon artifact.png
fire EquipmentIcon fire.png
leaf EquipmentIcon leaf.png
stone EquipmentIcon stone.png
water EquipmentIcon water.png


fabric ResourceIcon fabric.png
heartwood ResourceIcon heartwood.png
hide ResourceIcon hides.png
ingot ResourceIcon ingots.png
lore ResourceIcon lore.png
spellthread ResourceIcon magic.png