Black Cat

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The Black Cat is a pet that can be adopted via the event Shy and the Shadow.

In-Game Description

A cat was granted, through sacrifice, all the years of its former master. And so it lives, guarding the steps of a new, beloved companion. 


There's a black cat strolling among Hero's feet. Reticent, and ready to swat any unwelcome fool's reach.


  • Shy Swipes: The first enemy to enter adjacency each turn will take 2 shred or 1 damage.
  • Shy Swipes can apply on both on the heroes' turn and the enemies' turn (up to twice for the whole turn).
  • Both directly and diagonally adjacent count for this ability.
  • Activation of Shy Swipes does not remove Hidden, and kills with Shy Swipes can trigger Rogue.
  • Shy Swipes sets up flanking on enemies.

Theme Upgrade

The first enemy to enter adjacency with Hero each turn will take 3 shred and then 2 damage (instead of 2 shred or 1 damage)

Note: to use this ability, it must be selected as a theme upgrade upon hero promotion.