Crystalline/Crystal Chrysalis

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UI DiamondRed.png single action, ends turn

Crystal Chrysalis

x damage, 2 shred

(Active) (Active) Once every three turns, Hero encases themself in impenetrable crystal. Next turn, they break out, dealing x-x damage and 2 shred to foes within x tile.

Damage: (2 to 5) + 1/2(Bonus Damage + Potency)
Range: 1.6 + 1/3 Potency

Note: to use this ability, it must be selected as a theme upgrade upon hero promotion.


  • When used, this ability ends the hero's turn.


While a hero is under the effect of Crystal Chrysalis:

  • Enemies will ignore the hero
  • Enemies engaged to the hero will not attack any heroes
  • Enemies will try to avoid the damaging area as with Guardian or Meteor Strike, but will still end their turn there if it would allow them to attack another hero (either on that turn or the next)
  • The hero can still damage foes using Indignance but cannot be made to attack using Spiritblade.