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Wolftouched is a Theme granted by Lochias, the Wolf God, to a Hero in the event The Wolf Price.

<self> accepted the blessing of the Wolf God.
A fully transformed Wolftouched Hunter.
The alternative "Dire" skin, unlocked after completing the "Lochias's Hunger" achievement.
Ability upgrade to Wolf Claw and Frenzy.

Theme conflicts

A Wolftouched hero will not be eligible for any of these additional themes:

If a hero has any of these themes, it is not possible to also become Wolftouched:


The Hero gains Wolf Head and any previously maimed limbs are replaced by Wolf limbs. Their History will include:

<Hero> took the oath of Lochias, following the path of his/her ancient ancestors, and was transformed.

Changing the Hero's hair color will change this theme's base appearance, and the "Dire" appearance.

Related Events:

Wolf Head

Blessing of Lochias, allows <self> to smell the wind and taste prey.

User:Braydon/wolftouched/Wolf Bite

Wolf Arm (L/R)

<self>'s left arm is wolfish.
<self>'s right arm is wolfish.

User:Braydon/wolftouched/Wolf Claw


Wolf Leg (L)

<self>'s left leg is wolfish.

+0.5 Speed
-4 Block

Wolf Leg (R)

<self>'s right leg is wolfish.

+0.5 Speed
-4 Block


Wolf Touched head is a good option for any hero with unused quick actions. This is especially powerful on Hunters with Thornfang.

Compared to Crowtouched head Wolf head lacks the Blind on stunt but allows access to wolf legs for higher speed.

A full Wolf Touched Warrior can make use of Frenzy to hit three times with Broadswipes.

A Wolf Touched warrior with Long Reach, Bloodrage, and Broadswipes will often kill all enemies in range when using Frenzy making it a highly powerful build.

While a Wolf Touched Mystic can hit very high damage with Vigorflow and Frenzy it is usually not possible to keep a large number of targets interfused with this build making it less useful than Wolf Touched Warrior builds.